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What Do You Think? Hosted by Valary Smart

About the host

Valary Smart - Host / Producer


Tell her how you really feel!

In her 1-hour show, Valary, her guest and audience, bridge the gap between, what is shared with the public and the reality of what they truly feel.

Valary Smart began her radio career in college on the Psychology Today Radio Show as an intern and was quickly promoted to executive producer where she traveled and sold the program to radio syndicates nationwide.

Realizing her innate talent for radio, Valary hosted her own radio show, Vib’n With Val, on Cable Radio Network (CRN). The Vib’n With Val radio and public television show focused on issues the ethnic population encounters, incorporating celebirity interviews. One interview in particular with Fred Rerun Barry got the attention of BET executives who hired her to correspond for BET Nightly News in the Los Angeles area.

Valary has also had a lucrative career as a manager for syndicated radio with Westwood One Radio Network and United Stations Radio Network. Valary was also selected to join the LA County Sheriff Advisory Board and City Lites Network, both community based organizations that worked to enhance services in the inner city. Along with hosting her new show “What Do You Think” on Vibration Frequency, Valary is pursing her masters degree in Forensic Psychology specializing in Cyber Crimes.